TV & Video

11/11/14: Voice of America, Film Project Aids US Veterans with PTSD
5/30/14: News 10 Israel, The Nightmare Became a Movie: Shocked Men are Exposed to the Camera. An overview of our first Israeli workshop with NATAL
5/23/14: ONE WORLD: BEN PATTON & DEEPAK CHOPRA, Founder Ben Patton on I WAS THERE with Deepak Chopra
11/11/13: CBS This Morning with Lee Woodruff, Helping veterans heal through filmmaking


11/11/14: NPR The Frame , Filmmaking as Therapy for Veterans (click on Listen to this Episode, and the I WAS THERE interview is in the final 1/3 of the show)
11/5/13: WFYI Indianapolis No Limits, Art therapy for veterans
8/13/13: CBS Boston Nightside, Ben Patton, author of “Growing Up Patton”


6/12/14: Fort Campbell Courier, A look inside our latest workshop at Fort Campbell, KY, and the experiences shared there
9/13/13: Wounded Warrior Project Website, Patton Veterans Project receives grant from Wounded Warrior Project
9/5/13: Belvoir Eagle, Film workshop offers healing for servicemembers
7/18/13: The Boston Globe, Filmmaking used to reach out to veterans in need
6/30/13: The Boston Globe Magazine, Brave Storytellers
6/30/12: The Daily Beast, A Patton Uses Film as a tool to help veterans with PTSD
6/6/12: Army Times, Patton’s Grandson involved in PTSD film project