Frequently Asked Questions

Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on the idea that Your Worldview is Your Voice. Being someone who has watched and enjoyed a film is enough. A filmmaking background is not necessary. Our lectures and exercises will teach everyone a common working knowledge and we guarantee that you will watch films differently once you finish the Workshop.
Yes. Everyone who registers should be prepared to attend all three sessions. There are critical lectures and activities for each session.
Our instructors strive to create a safe and inclusive space at the workshop, so that veterans feel comfortable sharing personal experiences. Participants can choose to share whatever they want. In some cases, participants may only want to share these experiences with other veterans within their group. Everything will remain confidential and within the confines of our closed classroom.
The purpose of the workshop is for veterans to be able to express experiences relating to their service through the medium of film. However, these are not designed to be biographical documentaries. The process is collaborative. Generally, 2 to 4 participants will create a single short film together. Through our process and discussions, participants will determine the content of their film and make decisions on the writing, the narrative, the character roles, and the edit. The experienced instructors will help mediate and facilitate the process.
No. Each participating vet can choose whatever production role(s) they feel comfortable with.
We strongly encourage participants to work in teams to explore their commonalities in meaningful ways. We have a limited number of resources but a lot of creative background in finding ways to tell earnest stories within a group setting..

Yes. Participating Vets own the  films they create. They can choose whether or not they want the film to be posted publicly or shared privately. There will be a consent form at the end of the Workshop where participants can
decide what options they’re most comfortable with. To date, we have created over 400 films and been
granted permission to share all of them.

There’s no need to bring any gear to the workshop. We will provide cameras, notebooks, audio, and lighting equipment. If you have any materials you want to share with the class or with the instructors, you are welcome to do so!
The workshop capacity is 15 participants. If the spouse is a Veteran, then they may certainly register for the workshop. On occasions, we have allowed a spouse who is also a caregiver to attend the workshop, but this must be requested beforehand.
Yes. The workshop facilities are handicap accessible and all veterans are welcome to attend the workshop.
Definitely. Anyone who has worn the uniform is welcome to attend the workshop.

PVP offers a limited number of travel scholarships for participants. This
is on a first-come, first-served needs basis. 

Yes. We provide dinner at the Friday evening session and coffee , donuts and lunch at the
weekend sessions of the workshop.

We encourage registrants to invite other veterans that might enjoy and benefit from the workshop,
space permitting. Please encourage fellow veterans to contact us and register as soon as
possible. Space is very limited.

If you have additional  questions, email us at
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