Lowell/Bedford, MA, Spring 2018

The next film workshop is scheduled for April 20-22 2018. Location TDB in Lowell/Bedford, MA, and is open to all veterans who have served after 9/11/2001. An additional workshop is also scheduled for the Fall at the same location. These workshops are part of our ongoing study to support post-911 veterans.

This workshop will run Friday, 6PM-9PM; Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM. The workshop is free with meals provided. Participating vets must attend all sessions of a weekend workshop.  TO APPLY, CLICK HERE.

Bronx VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY – Spring 2018

A workshop at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in Bronx, NY is scheduled for late Spring 2018 and is open to all veterans. To register, contact Efrion J. Smith at (718) 584-9000 ext.5432, or email

Other workshops are in the planing process for 2018 Q3 and Q4. Please check back or for more information contact us at

We are always open to suggestions on workshop locations, and if you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a workshop, please see our Contact and Donate Page for more information.