More tragedy – another military murder-suicide

I was in DC last week promoting an upcoming joint video-writing workshop the Patton Veterans Project and the Veterans Writing Workshop are organizing in conjunction with the George Washington University Writing Program learned of yet another military murder-suicide – that took place a few days prior in the DC area.

Here is the link:

It is an absolute tragedy from every angle. To lose such a lovely, patriotic teen on the verge of entering “this most honorable profession,” as my dad once put it, and to have this horrific crime caused by a soldier with obviously severe mental health issues – words just can’t capture the sadness of it all.

Hopefully, it won’t take these kinds of tragedies for this nation to keep our heroes in our hearts and minds going forward. There are so many people out there looking for ways to interact with returning veterans – therapeutic filmmaking is but one — but we are confident it works, especially in conjunction with other forms of therapy.