Starbucks CEO Schultz to donate $30 million to benefit Veterans

Last week Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, announced plans to donate $30 million to benefit the 2.5 million soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The money will go towards job training and research and treatment for Traumatic Brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress.  Schultz told CBS Evening News he fears that with the wind-down of our commitment in Afghanistan, the American public will forget too quickly the needs of those 2.5 million men and women who have served us.  Shultz correctly recognizes that veterans are coming home with life skills that can’t be taught, that are incredibly valuable to businesses.  But many veterans are also coming back with brain trauma or PTS.  He wants to fund the significant research and care needed to understand, and hopefully come up with a remedy for, these afflictions.

We at I WAS THERE commend Shultz’s vision and commitment to veterans.  Click here to watch his interview on CBS Evening News.