A great week at Fort Drum

My team of instructors and I just returned from Fort Drum Friday, where we had a thoroughly engaged group of veterans working with us.  Over four days, 13 veterans produced six powerful films.  I should mention that on the third day Fort Drum was officially closed down due to wind chills below 0 F and gusts to 30 mph…. We did manage to get to our assigned classroom in the USO building before the order came, so we called all the participating veterans and ordered a bunch of pizzas for lunch – and all of them showed up despite the weather.

One of those was veteran Roy Joseph, who is now on staff at the WTB as a counselor following being severely wounded and recovering at the WTB. He took the time to show me this insignia of the WTB, which he told me is the only instance where a WTB has a combat unit’s insignia… In this case that insignia happens to have been that of 87th Infantry Regiiment, in which former Senator Bob Dole served when he was badly wounded in the Spring of 1945.

Veteran Roy Joseph and I WAS THERE's Ben Patton at this week's film workshop at Fort Drum.

Veteran Roy Joseph and I WAS THERE’s Ben Patton at this week’s film workshop at Fort Drum.

Very cool, Roy. Thank you… and for any workshop alumni, staff or instructors that want to check out the two complementary films that Roy helped produce, do a search for Crossroads…. It’s a two-part film chronicling the consequences of making a choice to get help with one’s invisible wounds in the aftermath of war.

A big shout out to all the vets at Fort Drum that attended our workshop and the WTB leadership and team that made it possible. THANK YOU ALL and see you again soon.