Commenting on the Washington Post article “A Legacy of Pain and Pride.”

This article, which appeared in the Washington Post Sunday (March 30, 2014), is one of the most comprehensive articles I’ve seen to date on the physical and mental suffering of the 2.6 million Americans who have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The article touches on the length of the conflicts – which has resulted in many servicemembers being deployed repeated times – the insufficient medical services provided for these veterans by the VA upon their return, and the difficulty so many are facing communicating about their experiences and reintegrating into civilian life.  But it also highlights the courage and the sense of service to our country that our veterans embody.  Here is a link to the article online – .

To our veteran alumni, I hope you’ll read this article and realize that you are certainly not alone, and that there is a growing awareness of and appreciation for what you have been through.  To my I WAS THERE Film Workshops team and supporters, we need to redouble our efforts to reach the many, many more veterans who need our help.